Solidworks samples download

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Solidworks samples download

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Exceed the maximum duration. Do not interact with it by keyboard or mouse for 20 minutes. Note to users: Any files you save locally will be erased when your session ends or times out. Sample files: You'll find a variety of assembly, part and drawing sample files pre-loaded in your session.Configure new cupboards based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt them to meet your own needs. A Cupboard sample project is included inside every seat of DriveWorks Solo. Design a completely custom agricultural trailer using DriveWorks Solo.

Choose the size of the trailer and select optional extras such as covers, ramps, ladder racks, prop stands and more. This project has been upscaled from DriveWorksXpress. The drawings have been automated, the forms have been redesigned and documents have been added to the project. Create new wheelchairs based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or change them to meet your own needs. Configure a Roller Shutter Door. Choose from a vast array of options including dimensions, fixing location, how the door is operated and the style of the slats.

Determine the size of four drawers and the text that goes on the front of each. Use this DriveWorks Solo project to configure a custom locker layout. Choose to configure your locker based on the space available or to a custom size. Configure your perfect Lifting Beam. Select size and pressure, as well as a choice of clevis. This DriveWorks Solo project will create all the order-specific models, manufacturing drawings and sales documents required. Use this simple DriveWorks Solo project to quickly create the flange that you need for your project.

Pricing and shipping information is calculated in real time. This sample project will allow you to configure the route of a conveyor system. Complete Models and Drawings will be created as well as sales documentation.

Configure the overall size and drawer layout before creating models, drawings and DXFs. Flat bed, curtain sided, with doors or with a roller shutter door, enter the length required and configure your custom truck. Determine the height that the stairs are required to reach, the number of platforms necessary and the width of the steps. Detailed manufacturing drawings will be produced alongside the models and sales documents. Design new doors based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt to meet your own needs.

Design new canopies based on the DriveWorks Solo sample project rules or adapt them to meet your own needs. A canopy sample project is included inside DriveWorks Solo.

Configure a Solar Heater based on the space available. Every option that you change will effect the efficiency and capabilities of the Solar Heater, which will be displayed on the form. Select a fan style, decide how many speeds you want and the number of blades. Based on rules, the diameter of the fan grill will update based on the blade diameter. Product Configurator Configure custom products on any device and guide users to the correct buying decision.

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Tutorial parts not found on my machine

DriveWorks Solo. DriveWorks Pro.Many interface, method, property, and delegate API Help topics contain links to examples in the Example section in the topics. You must be connected to the internet to download examples and projects stored on the internet.

All of the sample code supplied is provided on an as-is basis and is only intended to demonstrate the methods of using the OLE capabilities of the software. Some examples may contain obsolete APIs. Any licensed user of the software is free to use any or all of these samples in connection with building applications related to the software and is granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive license for these samples or parts thereof. Any confidentiality provisions of the software license apply to the samples.

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Solidworks samples download

Welcome Getting Started. NOTES: You must be connected to the internet to download examples and projects stored on the internet. Thank you for your comments. We will contact you if we have questions regarding your feedback. Print Topic Select the scope of content to print: Just this topic This topic and all topics linked from this topic This topic and all children of the topic in the table of contents.

Never show this message again. Other versions:. Feedback on this topic. Getting Started. Block Definitions and Block Instances. Bodies in Body Folders. Bounding Box and Note Text. COM vs. CommandManager and CommandGroups. Components, Configurations, and Suppression States. Compound Note. ComVisibleAttribute in VB. Controls, Visual Basic 6. Default Paths. Drawing Views and Model Entities. Early and Late Binding. Features of Components. Helper Functions.By Keith Vittitoe on December 4, These both make up the drawing template.

In this blog article, we show you how to set up your Drawing template. The sheet is where all the views of your part or assembly will reside. Any dimensions, annotations or other markup also reside on the sheet. The sheet format can be edited to customize these items and match our company standards. There are a few ways to edit the sheet format. This is the same functionality as right-clicking anywhere on your drawing and selecting Edit Sheet Format from the right click menu.

A drawing template serves as the starting point for creating a drawing. The template typically references a specific sheet format file.

If we want to see which sheet format file is being referenced or change it to a different sheet format file, we can do so by right-clicking on the sheet in the drawing tree and choosing Properties. You can choose a new sheet format file by clicking Browse. Some customers prefer a different border and title block on their second or third drawing sheets.

Some new examples include how to handle trailing zeroes for dimensions, properties and tolerances and setting All Upper Case Characters for tables. You might notice that there are several different tabs displayed when you choose to start a new drawing. These tabs correspond to different folders listed within your document template settings. To create a new template, or modify an existing one, the process typically goes something like this:. Blog Index. The Sheet and Sheet Format The sheet is where all the views of your part or assembly will reside.

Change the drawing sheet size if necessary. Change the sheet format to the desired sheet format file. Change any options needed within the Document Properties. Save the template file to one of the locations listed within your File Location s in your System Options. Subscribe to receive email updates when we post new content.Being one of the techs on the Technical Support team, we run into the rare occurrence that a part, assembly or drawing seems to have become corrupt. With CAD software continually updating, you would not want to design your new parts in old templates.

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Similarly, would you want to use a template from an old version Microsoft Word 5. This should allow the users to have templates that are of the best quality to start their new part, assembly and drawing file s with. However, as with any program on Windows, templates can have problems. The steps below are how to get a fresh set of current templates created and, if so desired, to copy the Drafting Standard and Sheet Format title block over to the new template s.

If you plan on updating your old templates, then you may want to add the old paths back into File Locations, Document Templates. Repeat these last steps 1 through 5 for your assembly and drawing templates.

To move over your Sheet Format follow these general additional steps. Have questions or comments? Fill out the form below and someone at GoEngineer will get back to you soon.

Your email address will not be published. Hint: To check the age of a part or assembly template you can, start the new part or assembly, right click over one of the normal planes Front, Top or Rightselect Properties and look at the Date created and Last modify fields. Take a screen shot or copy these down if you wish to re-establish these paths afterward. Selecting one by one, delete all paths that are listed.

The creation of the new templates happens very quickly and behind the scenes. Start by going to the File menu, then selecting New or Clicking on New button. This can be done by file, open change your file type to Templatebrowse to the folder where your existing part template is stored or by file, new and selecting the existing part template. File, New works if you put your old template paths back into folder locations.

It stores most items on the Document Properties Tab but not all of them. To import these settings into the new part template that was created in the first half of this article. Open the part template for this example. This imports all of the settings from your existing part template file. Verify that all of your existing settings are imported and then make any additional changes on the Document Properties tab as needed. Save the part. Then click new and test the new template.

Hint: I like to name my templates as to what they are and when I created them. Open your existing Drawing template that contains your title block.

Close your existing drawing. Open the drawing template for this example. Subscribe to the blog:.Provides simulation tools for testing ideas in a virtual environment for gaining insight into potential performance and durability, handy for designers and engineers.

Also it will capture non-electronic data and complex electronic data, such as 3D shapes, when needed. SolidWorks This software was originally produced by SolidWorks Corporation. This PC program deals with ". The most popular versions among the program users are Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is safe.

SolidWorks is a program that provides enhanced engineering and design performances that help you get your work done faster and easier. You can manage product structures up front, access information everywhere and document designs for manufacture and assembly. You can also create detailed inspection reports for QA, calculate product costs as you design and print directly to 3D printers. Windows Mac.

Download now. Developer: SolidWorks Corporation. License: Demo. From the developer: SolidWorks is a program that provides enhanced engineering and design performances that help you get your work done faster and easier.

Download SolidWorks.

SLDPRT 3D models - download SolidWorks (SLDPRT) file format 3D assets

How to change units in SolidWorks There is a pull-up menu that lists the units currently selected in the project. Opening that menu will bring up all the available options.

How to change material in Solid Works Assign material to the part by picking a material from a material library. Change the assigned material by selecting another one for the relevant object. How to scale a part in SolidWorks You can scale parts about their centroid, origin, or coordinate system by selecting the action in the menu.

View the scaled image in the view window. Comments You can also add comment via Facebook. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users.

Subscribe to comments:. Reply Was it helpful? Does it work? Tell me if anybody knows. Latest update: Mar 27, Related software. SolidWorks Explorer 3D Design.Have you ever been working in a drawing and wanted to set the driven dimensions to exclude the parentheses every time? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I encourage you to continue reading for an overview of how to configure, use and re-use templates in the software.

Figure 1. Sample of templates that use different units of measurement. When first installing the software, you will be presented with a choice of three templates, Part, Assembly or Drawing, as shown in Figure 2.

Test Drive SOLIDWORKS — Anywhere, Anytime

Figure 2. The three default out-of-the-box templates. These three templates provide you with out-of-the-box settings.

To get the most out of the software and accelerate the completion of your projects, you can create and save customized templates containing your desired custom settings. A Template is a special file type that helps users begin a project with the desired settings. Figure 3. Windows Explorer folder showing template files. By setting up our templates in inches and millimeters we can save a lot of time. Depending which units the current project is in, we can select the appropriate template and save ourselves having to change the option for units.

Similarly, we might want our inches projects to use three-place precision x. This setting may also be saved into our templates. You may also notice in Figure 3 that the file type is different from a standard document. Similarly, Assembly and Drawing templates use special extensions. Figure 4. Click the document icon to create a new document. After clicking this button you may switch between the Novice and Advanced template selection window.

Click this button until it says Advanced, which indicates that you are looking at the Novice screen, and then double click the default Part template Figure 5. Figure 5.

Solidworks samples download

You can also create new geometry to use in your template. For example, you could create a block with four counterbores in the corners to use as a common fixturing plate. This could then be saved as a template so that whenever you begin a new part and select this template, the geometry is already created. This is a bit on the advanced side of things, though. The names of the three default planes and the origin may be changed. These changes will be saved with the new template. Figure 6. You may change the names of the default planes and the origin.

These changes will be saved with your template. An example of this would be a PDM system reading the metadata for Revision, or a drawing file reading the metadata for Description to be used in the drawing title block or the bill of materials. The custom file property fields are often the same from one part file to the next, so they may be set up ahead of time by saving them into a template. Some examples of the most common custom file properties fields are:.

First, click on the icon for File Properties Figure 7. Figure 7.

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